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Posture Tips

Standing Posture

Posture on Pilates Ball

Posture is an important aspect of our overall health. Incorrect posture can lead to several issues, such as back/neck pain, headaches, increased stress, muscle spasms, and joint stiffness. Below are tips for proper posture:

  1. Avoid forward head: perform a small chin tuck by making yourself taller from the back of the head to activate muscles that stabilize your neck.
  2. Do not shrug your shoulders: keep the shoulders relaxed, slightly down and back to give the upper back more stability.
  3. Think chest up: this will assist with preventing the shoulders from slouching forward.
  4. Belly button in: gently attempt to pull the belly button up and in towards your shoulder blades, which helps to activate your inner core stabilizing muscles.
  5. C Curve in low back: pull your vertebra (bones) in the low back forwards to create a small curve in the lumbar spine (imagine a cable cord pulling your belly button forward).
  6. Knees slightly bent and facing forward: avoid "locking" the knees straight, and do not let them cave in together.
  7. Feet shoulder width apart: this will help create balance and a solid base of support throughout the body.

Here are ergonomic tips for sitting at your desk and computer at work:

  1. Always sit back in your chair with your back supported.
  2. Have computer monitor at eye level.
  3. Place mouse and keyboard low so that your forearms can remain on the armrests.
  4. Scoot your seat close to your desk to avoid slouching forward.
  5. Have seat height at a level where feet are flat on the floor.