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Direct Access

You have the right to choose where you go for physical therapy. You can now go directly to physical therapy for evaluation and treatment without having to get a referral first from your doctor first.

Save time, save co-pays and get better faster so you can get back to the activities you love. We will work with you by developing a tailor-made treatment plan for you, which can include a variety of activities, including a home exercise program to get you started on your path to wellness and a more active lifestyle.

Limitations of Direct Access

Some insurance plans may still require obtaining a physician's referral before beginning physical therapy. We are in-network with several popular insurances. We will verify your coverage as a courtesy but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information we receive from your insurance company. It's best if you also call your insurance carrier to verify your coverage and co-pays.

We also accept Auto Accidents and Workers' Compensation. Call us at 816-468-5278 if you have any questions about your insurance.

Physical therapists may:

  • Provide educational resources and training develop fitness or wellness programs for asymptomatic persons or provide screening or consultative services.
  • Treat any person with a recurring self-limited injury within one year of diagnosis by an approved health care provider or a chronic illness that has been previously diagnosed by an approved health care provider.

But, they also must:

  1. Contact the patient's current approved health care provider within seven days of initiating physical therapy services.
  2. Not change an existing physical therapy referral available to the physical therapist without the approval of the patient's current approved health care provider.
  3. Refer to an approved health care provider any patient whose medical condition at the time of examination or treatment is determined to be beyond the scope of practice of physical therapy.
  4. Refer to an approved health care provider any patient whose condition for which physical therapy services are rendered under this subsection has not been documented to be progressing toward documented treatment goals after six © 2019 American Physical Therapy Association. All rights reserved.12visits or fourteen days, whichever first occur.
  5. Notify the patient's current approved health care provider prior to the continuation of treatment if treatment rendered under this subsection is to continue beyond thirty days. The physical therapist shall provide such notification for each successive period of thirty days.

Source: APTA Levels of Patient Access to Physical Therapist Services in the US

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