"If anybody can fix it-they can! I have been a patient at Modern Physical Therapy on several occasions and in my opinion the treatment they provide is unmatched in quality."

Robert W.

May 2017

"After a surgery sidelined me for seven weeks...I had severe back pain that made it difficult to walk. Thanks to my MPT therapist, my back issues were resolved in just two sessions with their manual therapy...As a result, I don't have to rely on pain medication to maintain my active lifestyle!"

Sally R.

April 2017

"Modern Physical Therapy is the most comprehensive therapy I have ever received. Over the past 8 years I have had therapy from two other facilities. However, this facility is by far the best..."

Fred F.

September 2018

"Esteban and his team are focused on designing an individualized and effective physical therapy program. If you want a personalized therapy program with highly-skilled professionals, schedule a PT appointment with Modern PT."

Kris L.

June 2017

"This place is the best!!! I blew a disc in my back while working and spent the better part of a year immobile. After trying 3 other physical therapy clinics and 3 doctors, I was told that I would have to live with my pain. On my first visit to Modern PT, they worked with me and my pain was lowered by over 50%. Now I'm mobile again and doing better than I have in a year!

Erik M.

January 2016

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